Classics and Geek-Culture Round-up

As anyone who read my Via Memoriae Classicae series or my Atlantis review will know, I’m a shameless geek and very interested in the intersection between Classics and things like Science Fiction, Fantasy and video games. I’ve not got anything major to post at the moment, but here are a couple of things around the webt that have caught my eye lately and may be of interest:

Back in July Liz Bourke posted over on the well-respected SF online magazine site Strange Horizons, reviewing the then-recent conference on the Fantastika and the Classical World.

Meanwhile, over the summer a new blog called Archaeogaming has been set up, looking at the depiction of archaeology in video games. It’s worth a look, particularly a 5-part article by Cambridge alumnus (now lecturer at Kent) Dunstan Lowe on ruins in video games (reprinted from his contribution to the book Greek and Roman Games in the Computer Age).

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