Historical Baking – Gingerbread Viking Hall

It being the Christmas period, I’ve been baking again. I always like to make gingerbread houses but in the past have only ever made shop-bought ones. This year I decided to make my own from scratch. Which was the perfect opportunity to make it ancient-world themed.

I considered various Classics-themed permutations – Minoan tripartite shrine, gingerbread Parthenon, the Lefkandi Heroon (the latter idea abandoned when I realised the logistical problems inherent in constructing an apse out of gingerbread) – but in the end had to face facts – Classics just isn’t that Christmassy.

So I set my sights later and norther, for the icy climes of Scandinavia. Here’s my attempt at a Viking hall.

DSC_0052 DSC_0049

Perhaps unsurprisingly the hall structure exacerbated many of the problems inherent in the gingerbread house medium. There was some diversity in the structural integrity of different components and, as I couldn’t find a ruler, not everything fitted together as well as I would have liked. This was most problematic on the rooves. As you can see, the final product ended up with flat rooves, despite being planned with accurate, pitched ones. This was a result of the roof panels being just slightly too short to fit over the gables. Getting chocolate fingers to function properly as posts supporting the outer roof was also tricky. It was originally intended that this outer roof would go right around the hall, but breakages prevented it.

Using the remaining dough I made a longship, although that was rather less 3D than planned and the mast snapped when I was attaching the yard-arm. I’m rather pleased with the shields, though.

Finally, I used the remaining scraps to make a Christmas gingerbread Cthulhu. Not remotely Classics-related, but I’m going to post a picture anyway.


Happy Christmas!

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