dsc_0172-smallHello there! I’m Dr Philip Boyes and I’m an academic. More precisely, I’ve identified as so many different things in my career that I’m not quite sure how to introduce myself by this point. I’ve been a classicist, a linguist, an Aegean prehistorian, a field archaeologist and a Phoenicianist – and that’s not counting the three and a half years I spent working on Open Access and scholarly communication at Cambridge University Library.

I’ve now rejoined the Faculty of Classics at Cambridge as a Research Associate on the CREWS Project, which looks at the contexts of and relations between writing systems in the ancient world. I’m working on the social context of the emergence and use of the alphabetic cuneiform script at Ugarit in the Late Bronze Age. It’s an interdisciplinary project which will allow me to wear all my different hats at once. Figuratively speaking. Though I do own a pith helmet and a replica Anglo-Saxon helmet, and they would go together very nicely as library-wear.

Ancient Worlds is partly a general-purpose personal blog, but it’s particularly interested in the links between Archaeology and Classics and Science Fiction, Fantasy and geekiness in general. For more information on what it’s about, see the introductory post.