This isn’t a full list of my publications, but it does provide links to freely-available articles.

Boyes, P. J. (Forthcoming). ‘Negotiating Imperialism and Resistance in Late Bronze Age Ugarit: The Rise of Alphabetic Cuneiform’. To appear in Cambridge Archaeological JournalDownload Author’s Accepted Manuscript. This version has been peer-reviewed but will be subject to proofing and typesetting before final publication. Please cite the final version when it appears.

Blakeney, S.; Boyes, P. J. and Heffron, Y. 2017. ‘Section 4: Level II in H19 and I19 in Postgate, J. N. (ed.) Excavations at Kilise Tepe 2007-2011: The Late Bronze and Iron Ages. Online publication.

Boyes, P. J. 2013. Social Change in ‘Phoenicia’ in the Late Bronze/Early Iron Age Transition (Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Cambridge).

Boyes, P. J. 2012. ‘“The King of the Sidonians”: Phoenician Ideologies and the Myth of the Kingdom of Tyre-Sidon‘. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 365, 33-44.