This isn’t a full list of my publications, but it does provide links to freely-available books and articles.

Boyes, P. J. and Steele, P. M. (eds.). 2019 Understanding Relations Between Scripts II: Early Alphabets. Oxford, Oxbow. Download full published version. This is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY licence. Illustrations and other third party materials may not be covered by this and are subject to the copyright and permissions of their original owners.

Boyes, P. J. 2019. ‘Negotiating Imperialism and Resistance in Late Bronze Age Ugarit: The Rise of Alphabetic Cuneiform’. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 29.2, 185-199.  Download Author’s Accepted Manuscript. This version has been peer-reviewed but will be subject to proofing and typesetting before final publication. Please cite the final version when it appears.

Blakeney, S.; Boyes, P. J. and Heffron, Y. 2017. ‘Section 4: Level II in H19 and I19 in Postgate, J. N. (ed.) Excavations at Kilise Tepe 2007-2011: The Late Bronze and Iron Ages. Online publication.

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Boyes, P. J. 2012. ‘“The King of the Sidonians”: Phoenician Ideologies and the Myth of the Kingdom of Tyre-Sidon‘. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 365, 33-44.